How To Identify Fake Diamonds

At present, there are many high quality fake diamonds and it may be difficult to identify a diamond’s authenticity. Moreover, some jewelry dealers are dishonest and sell fake gem stones to consumers and sell them in high prices. Therefore, it is very important to know the difference of fake and genuine diamonds. Below are several ways to spot a fake one.

The first and very important thing to do is to ask about the precious stone. Keep in mind that a knowledgeable jewelry dealer should be able to give relevant and right information about it. For instance, you may ask whether the gem stone is a diamond or moissanite. Remember that a moissanite stone is closely similar to a diamond, and it can be hard to differentiate the two stones. In addition, some jewelry stores have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. With this said, you still have to ask about important information about the stone.

Next important thing to do is to check the diamond’s setting and mounting. Keep in mind that fake gem stones are usually set in substandard metals. You need to ask the jewelry dealer about the silver or gold metal. You should know whether it is gold or silver plated. While a jeweler stores may claim the diamond’s authenticity, they may mistakenly acknowledge an inferior metal. Keep in mind that cheap settings usually indicate a low-priced stone.

You should check the gem stone and look for scratches. Diamonds are stones that are very durable. However, cubic zirconium and moissanite are stones that can be scratched easily. Prior to buying a diamond, one must carefully check its scratches and other blemishes. Ask for a small magnifying glass to closely check your diamond. Multiple imperfections simple mean the diamond is a fake.

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